AC 1000 Pneumatic tube system

Producer: Aerocom

Maximum number of stations: 100
Maximum number of lines: 1
Arrows: 2-3-position

АС 1000 features :


  • Connects up to 100 points.
  • Addressing priority waiting liberation address forwarding, in the absence of the member or the expectation of his appearance, the password on receipt and capsules - these are just some of the AC1000 features.
  • After working hours it provides programmable lock the entire system or any of its parts.One station can serve up to 10 destinations.
  • The "brain" of AC1000 - microprocessor control - surely manages the system: oversees, supervises, coordinates and provides information on all aspects of the system, including those in remote access.     
  • Modern control panel with a clear picture of all the processes on the integrated display.