AC 3000 Pneumatic tube system

Producer: Aerocom

The unique design of the AC 3000’s integrated send/receive stations make it a perfect match for today’s hospital applications.

Standard features include carrier storage, automatic dispatch and a carrier braking system to insure a soft landing upon arrival.

Carrier transport speeds between individual stations of the pneumatic tube system are programmable.

This allows stations that typically send or receive more delicate items to be individually programmed to send at slower speeds to avoid damage.



Another important feature of the pneumatic tube system AC 3000 is that it complies with the standard health regulation that no air is exhausted at the individual send/receive stations. Powered by remotely located, high output blowers, the pneumatic tube system operates silently and without emission within the public areas of the facility.


The Pneumatic Tube System AC 3000 is controlled by a central PC that performs too many functions to list. However, just a few among them are the maintenance of a complete audit trail of system’s use, real-time carrier tracking, and remote system diagnostics.