AC 50 Pneumatic tube system

Producer: Aerocom

Maximum number of stations: 10 station with 10 destinations total
Maximum number of lines: 1
Diverter: 2-way / 3-way
Operation mode: Single Tube, Reversing operation; Semi-automatic operation



Features of the AC50 System:


  • A separately housed control center with transparent cover acts as the brain of the system and monitors all system functions
  • All stations can communicate with one another.
  • System layout as desired, branching through two- and three-way-diverters possible.
  • Different station types
  • Pneumatically deceleration of arriving carriers, depending to the system layout.
  • System length up to 500 m, for installation between several buildings by open air- or underground lines
  • Power pack for the supply of the complete system
  • Keyboard for entering system datas and display for service functions and system informations
  • LED-indication of additional informations about blower, carrier brakes, monitoring of tube switches a.s.o.
  • 2 different interfaces for serial data transfer, through this the central controls can be places in the system as desired.
  • Serial current-loop printer interface
  • Programming mode. A service technician programs the system datas (topography) by means of the keyboard in the front panel of the central controls.
  • Electronic overlap safeguard recognises a situation where two or more carriers are transmissioned at the same time (for example in case of open stations), recognises the error and automatically returns the carriers to their point of origin.
  • A transmission controller will automatically return the system to a state of readiness if a transmission is begun without a carrier being introduced into the system.
  • Autostart automatically continues each sending process after power recovery, by sending the carrier to the correct destination.
  • With the addition of a compatible printer the CCU will print out a log of all transmissions. Information includes, date, time, sending and receiving stations and the continous sending number. Backdated the last 120 sending processes are recallable.
  • In a service mode, all system devices can be exercised and analysed from the CCU. Fault indications will be displayed.
  • Automatically or manual clearing.
  • Halt-mode. The system can be blocked for further transmissions.