APart E-VOL60

Producer: Apart

The APart E-VOL60-BL is a 100Volt volume control. It is available in white and black color, and can handle up to 60 Watt of power.

It is very versatile thanks to the step-by-step attenuation in 11 steps + zero position.

The E-VOL 60-BL is designed to handle 24V priority signals. This means that you can always get an announcement out, even to zones where the local volume control is in the ‘OFF’ position!

If your amplifier has a 24 V priority output, it will send a 24 V signal when you push the talk button on the microphone. The 24 V signal will close a relay on the E-VOL60-BL volume control, and the signal will pass, even when the volume control is in the ‘OFF’ position. This can be very useful for emergency or evacuation messages.

Type Euro
Handling Power 60 Watt
Voltage 100 Volt
24 V priority Yes
Attenuation steps 11 + “0”
Build-in box E-MODIN
Build-on box E-MODON
Dimensions (HxWxD) 80 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight 236 grams
color E-VOL60-BL : black
also available as E-VOL60 : white