Solutions for sound systems

Supermarket, build-in

Supermarket, area 2200-3300 m2. Ceiling speakers CM4T, CM6, amplifiers MA246MR, PA2240BP, volume controls E-VOL40 are recomended.

Supermarket, open ceiling

Supermarket with open ceiling with height more than 4 meters, area 2200-3300m2. The spherical pendant speakers SPH16, in-wall speakers MASK4T, MASK6, sound projector MPH30-G. Amplifiers MA246MR, PA2240BP, microphones, volume controls E-VOL40 are offered.

Shop, midsized - background music, on-wall

Shop(boutique)  midsized 120-220m2, background music. We offer on-wall MASK 4T speakers, subwoofer SUBA165. Amplifier PCR3000R.

Shop, midsized - loud music,on-wall

Shop, midsized. Equipped with wall mounted speakers MASK4, SUBTILE subwoofer ,PCR3000R, PM&400MKII (two-zone preamplifier),CHAMP-4 (4 channel amplifier).

Installation of sound systems, as well as any other equipment has its specific. Such systems can be installed indoors and outdoors. Different applications require different sound equipment technology. In order to better understand the capabilities of a complete set of audio equipment of premises specified destination we have on our web site some samples of solutions for creating a variety of audio systems. Solutions presented on the site, will be defined with what type of speakers to choose for your store or office, which the power amplifier can provide them with work and other necessary to ensure quality of the music or voice messages accessories. So, for example, solutions for the office may be different, there is the option of using built-in wall speakers or ceiling speakers. Depending on the application of sound equipment and room acoustics are selected certain solutions. The regeneration of the conference room may need to connect to your notebook for presentations. Ready solutions, designed by the best specialists of the Apart Company, will help eliminate gaps and do not miss any detail.