When a customer walks through your doors, they  have chosen your retail store over other shopping  options, including online stores and catalogs. In order  to earn a sale and their repeat business, customers  need to find the items they want, ready and waiting  on the shelves of your store. Your ability to make sure  your customers find what they want, when they want  it, is dependent upon the efficiency of your inventory  management processes.  If you use manual paper-based processes in your store,  you insert time and the opportunity for errors into  your inventory management processes. Information  is touched twice — first collected on paper and then  entered into a spreadsheet or other program, where  it is finally visible.



As a result, end-to-end inventory  management processes move more slowly — orders  and replenishment of shelves on the sales floor can be  delayed, making out-of-stocks and lost sales more likely.  And if a customer is looking for a specific item that you  know is somewhere in the store, it can be harder if not  impossible to locate. These inefficiencies ultimately  reduce your ability to best serve your customers.




The MC2100 mobile computer from Motorola Solutions  allows retailers of all sizes to utilize bar code scanning  to cost-effectively automate end-to-end inventory  management. Now, small retailers with as few as five  employees can affordably utilize the same mobile tools  that large retailers use to greatly improve the efficiency  and accuracy of inventory management. 


Associates can simply scan a bar code to capture and  access the information they need to complete the  inventory management task at hand — they no longer  need to write information down, take that paper to  a computer and then look up or enter data. Now, in  record time, store associates can move merchandise  from ‘dock-to-stock’, prepare and ship orders and price  products correctly. Paper-based errors that can lead  to an out of stock and a lost sale are eliminated — no  longer can associates accidentally write the wrong  information down or mistakenly transcribe or mis-key  data when entering it into the computer.


A variety of models allows the MC2100 to fit right into  the technology environment you have today. You can  choose from models that connect to an existing wireless  LAN, or in the event you do not have a wireless network  in your store, batch mode models allow associates to  work offline and sync the data on the MC2100 with your  business systems via Bluetooth or a cradle. Regardless  of which model you choose, associates can capture and  access data when and where they need it. 


Address your end-to-end inventory lifecycle needs 
with this single affordable device:




With the MC2100, associates can rapidly and accurately  process incoming shipments — you’ll no longer miss a  sale because an item a customer wished to purchase was  sitting in a box in the back room, waiting to be moved  into stock. Now, a quick scan can instantly reconcile the  shipment with the original order — the need to print  paper orders that must be manually checked as items  are unpacked is eliminated. In just seconds, the inventory  is visible in your computer — and available for purchase




When workers can scan the bar codes on items and  the shelf tag, merchandise is always stored in the  right place and easy to find. False stockouts that can  lead to a lost sale when items are placed on the wrong  shelf are eliminated.




When associates can scan items they are selecting to  fulfill an order, you can be assured that your customers  receive the right items in every order, every time. The  ample display on the MC2100 allows associates to  easily crosscheck the name and address on the order  with the name and address on the shipping label,  ensuring that every order is sent to the right customer.  The result? Orders can be fulfilled faster and more  accurately, improving associate productivity as well  as customer service and satisfaction. 




A major aspect of inventory management is pricing.  The MC2100 can automate and error-proof item- and  shelf-level pricing




With bar code scanning, workers can rapidly complete  an inventory of the items out on your sales floor. Based  on the inventory levels of items on the shelves, you  can automatically create and deliver an order directly  to the MC2100 that details how many of each item to  bring from the back to the front room. In the back room,  associates can scan items to ensure they are selecting  the right merchandise. Then they can scan the shelf tag  on the sales floor before placing items on the shelves.  The result? Shelves are always properly stocked —  and the right products are always in the right place  out on the sales floor.



With bar code scanning throughout your inventory  management processes, you have more visibility into  the whereabouts of your inventory because not only  can you see the location of an item the last time it was  scanned — but you are also capturing information more  frequently on your inventory. As a result, you can locate  items faster and easier, helping prevent lost sales.




  • The many benefits you’ll realize from the MC2100 include:
  • Increased productivity: By eliminating paper,  associates can get more done in a day, freeing up  more time to spend caring for customers.
  • Reduced costs: The same number of associates  can get more done in a day, helping control  staffing costs.
  • Reduced errors and real-time inventory visibility:  Provides the timely and accurate information you  need to place orders in time to prevent stock outs;  provides faster and more accurate visibility into  customer buying trends to help hone buying  decisions, ensuring that the products you order  are the products your customers want.
  • Increased sales: The right items are always in stock  and available when your customer is ready to buy.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers who  shop in the store find your shelves stocked with the  products they want to buy; associates have more  time to address customer needs; associates can  answer most questions on the spot — with bar code  scanning, associates can quickly check stock on  any item and with push-to-talk on the same device,  associates can easily reach a manager or other  associate to answer a customer question.
  • Protects profitability: Prevents lost sales — the right items are on  the shelf, ready and waiting for your customers;  a misplaced item that a customer wants to  purchase is easy to locate. Ensures items are properly priced — lost  profits on the sale of improperly priced  items is eliminated.