Symphony EYC Company is a global provider of software solutions for the retail and industry. Symphony EYC is a strategic partner to more than 1,200 retailers and manufacturers around the world, offering services to analyze customer behavior and unified software platform G.O.L.D., one of the best in its class. Symphony EYC clients include 15 of the world's 30 largest retailers, thousands of retail brands, and hundreds of national and regional wholesale distributors and retail chains. Today, Symphony EYC - it's 600 employees working with customers in 30 countries. The company offers solutions in the following key areas:


  • Merchandising and Operations Management (Store Operations)
  • Category Management
  • Analysis of customer behavior (Customer Insight) and optimizing the interaction with customers
  • Оmni-channel sales and replenishment, supply chain management
  • Optimize promotions
  • Demand forecasting


Symphony EYC was formed through the merger of Aldata and EYC 2012. New organization combines EYC solution, associated with complex analysis of customers needs, and proved high-performance solutions of  Aldata to optimize sales and distributions.