Fiscal register RTI 260 F


Electronic fiscal register RTI-260F can be used for cash payment with customers for sold goods and services, in trade, catering, for mobile services payments, in pawnshops.



  • reliability (guaranteed by the manufacturer the average resource of the print engine 15 million lines, with auto cutter that provides 1 million operations)
  • ease of  use
  • "easy-load" - quick and easy process of thermal tape replacing
  • loading of paper from the front of the device
  • advance warning alert from sensor about necessary of the roll replacing
  • built-in auto cutter that quickly and accurately separates receipts from each other, providing a partial cutting of the receipt (receipt does not fall!)
  • high speed of printing (the speed of printing of receipt and control tapes up to 20 lines / sec)
  • durability (up to 7 years).


Printer RTI-260F
Print method: Thermal printing
Printing speed 20 lps
Tape width: 59,5 мм
Roll paper diameter: 63 мм
Character density (characters per line): 40
 Z-reports 3600
Types of payment cash


Power  220В
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Power consumption 75 Вт
Interfaces RS-232
Operating temperature  +5 to +45°C
Humidity  40 to 80, with temperature 25 °C
Size 295/140/195 mm