Producer: GRAEF

EURO 2500

Discover the premium class

With its 300 watts of power, the hightorque motor combined with the hardchromium plated high-performance blade deliver ideal slicing results, especially for large calibres and volumes. The reliable functionality of the units makes it easier to work safely.


2-disc blade sharpener
BENEFITS Self supporting
Removable base plate made of stainless steel
Motor with advanced blade gear – high-torque - can also be used in continuous duty
Blade Ø 250 mm, made from special steel, hard-chrome plated from German manufacture
Internal blade cover plate
Carriage foldable for easy cleaning
On and off switch / Double push-button
Motor power 300 Watt / 230V~ alternating or 400 V~ three-phase current
Blade (Ø mm) 250 mm
cut lenght (mm) 230 mm
cut height (mm) 165 mm
Slice thickness (mm) 0 - 15 mm
Footprint 460 x 320 mm
Exterior dimensions 510 x 420 x 370 mm
Workspace 600 x 510 x 480 mm
Slices per minute max. 199/min
Operating period Continuous duty
Emission noise level < 69 dBA
Net weight 20,1 kg