Producer: GRAEF

EURO 3020

The effective multitalent among the food slicers In the EURO 3020, the combination of motor and blade engineering guarantee high slicing capacity along with long edge retention.       That ensures optimum traction with any kind of items needing to be sliced


2-disc blade sharpener
BENEFITS Special high-performance blade Ø 300 mm, hard-chromium plated, with narrow sheath
Closed blade cover plate without offset
High-torque, smooth-running motor, double ball-bearing support with 500 watts for ideal traction even with difficult slicing items
Air cooling system to prevent the housing and blade from heat build-up
Piezo switch engineering
Generously sized, smooth-running carriage with ball-bearing supported interior carriage (slice length: 260 mm), carriage removable for easy cleaning
Precisely machined guide grooves in limit and blade cover plate for superior gliding attributes
Closed base plate
Slice product support
Slicing thickness, 0 – 24 mm
Motor power 500 Watts/ 230 V~ alternating or 400 V~ three-phase current
Blade (Ø mm) 300 mm
Сut lenght (mm) 260 mm
Сut height (mm) 195 mm
Slice thickness (mm) 0 - 24 mm
Footprint 540 x 440 mm
Exterior dimensions 600 x 570 x 420 mm
Workspace 680 x 690 x 570 mm
Blade speed 230/min
Operating period Continuous duty
Emission noise level < 69 dBA
Net weight 37,1 kg