Loyalty system


Three factors influence on the revenue of restaurant


It is possible to calculate the revenue of a restaurant with the help of one formula: number of frequenters plus number of new guests and the received amount multiplies the sum of an average bill. It is clear that if one of these parameters increases the profit will increase accordingly. Revenue will increase rapidly if it is possible to have influence on every single parameter from three ones stated above. The majority of traditional loyalty systems deal only with one factor which is aimed at increasing the number of guests. Only iiko.net deals with all three factors!



Regulars come more often



iiko.net attracts guests to participate in the loyalty program printing an offer on the bill. In order to get bonuses and participate in different actions there is no need for guests to fill in a paper form and have a card where you are: iiko.net recognizes a guest by his or her telephone number. Guests are eager to participate in this action. They will definitely come to your restaurant once more. You will stop losing your guests because a waiter forgets to offer a discount card. Filled forms will never be lost again. Automatically iiko.net forms a database with guests of restaurants or chains. At the same time you will have a chance to set a mailing for your guests and support them being always in touch.


More new guests


iiko.net distributes the information about your marketing actions through popular social networks turning regulars into your promoters: with the help of iiko.net they are likely to inform friends about favorite dishes in Twitter, Facebook, making bonuses simultaneously. New guests will visit you once more because those whom they believe have already said the «magic word» which allows to have a gift. Old loyalty systems deal only with guests who are having a good time in the restaurants right now.


Sum of average bill in a restaurant goes up


iiko.net attracts a guest to order an additional dish printing the sum on the bill automatically which the guest should pay in order to achieve the next bonus level. The guests are likely to spend more than they have planned. Now you plan and independently control the loyalty program which allows to increase the revenue! You set a bonus threshold a bit more than an average bill and then watch and enjoy the effectiveness of such measures which are aimed at gaining the revenue. All the tools of iiko.net are in the internet that is why it is accessible wherever you are















based on: iiko.ru