Warehouse and finance management






  • Controlling online flow of goods
  • Inventory for a certain product
  • Online inventory with out any stop pages of system
  • In order to carry out inventory in bar you will simply need to weight a bottle without the need to pour from one bottle to another
  • Control over stocks in warehouse
  • Control over purchasing prices





  • User friendly interface with nomenclature (goods, products, dishes, procurements, characteristics)
  • Print out of recipes in all possible formats
  • Analysis of cost price
  • Creation of complex dishes (dish in a dish)




  • Online reporting in accordance with IFRS (balance, profit and loss Statement, cash flow analysis an so on)
  • Budgeting and finance planning
  • Salary calculation, cash operations
  • Payment operations with guests and suppliers
  • Integration with tax accounting systems

based on: iiko.ru