Restaurant management




  • Comfortable order input through customizable menu and options
  • Simply divide, combine and transfer dishes and tables
  • Control tables and their information online
  • See how fast and well do your waiters execute orders
  • Screen key board used to send special requests to the kitchen
  • Automatic division of the bill by guests
  • Sales reports: by waiters, dishes, days, time of day, club cards




  • Banquet orders
  • Dish service wishes
  • Prepaid orders, final calculation
  • Restaurant`s logo on the iiko Hostess` screen
  • All the reservation son the room plan and as a list
  • User-friendly and efficient interface which aims to edit schemes of halls
  • One click printout of reserve lists during the day
  • Flexible system of notification (reserves)
  • Possibility to choose name and telephone number of a guest from the list of guests who have reserved table beforehand
  • Analysis of reserves for any period of time




  • Flexible types of payment: cash, credit card, VIP, food for employees
  • Prepayment and final payment with guests
  • Cancellation and return of payments
  • Payment can be carried out in a background mode without blocking work of a cashier
  • Integration with Plas-Tek and Pulsar payment systems
  • Integration with hotel systems
  • Automatic verification of transactions aimed at revealing some discrepancies
  • All popular models of fiscal registrar are supported

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