KARAOKE CONCERT HALL «ATRIUM» has been opened in Chişinău!

​A new karaoke-club has been opened recently in Chişinău. Many matters of organization are connected with a new entertainment establishment inauguration. The very first thing necessary for a successful work is the equipment of high quality. We, RTI Group took part in the organization of the automation system of KARAOKE CONCERT HALL «ATRIUM». We offered to KARAOKE CONCERT HALL the most of the necessary professional equipment, technical and software solutions.


We offer to our clients only high quality equipment and software as we work only with the best producers of technical equipment. Thanks to RTI Group new software for hospitality industry, named iiko, not well-known so far in Moldova, but highly recommended, has been introduced to the karaoke-club.


The system allows establishing all the conditions for management and control within the club departments. The solution iikoOperation&Finance, engaged  in financial activities, iikoDelivery - in delivery, iikoVideoSecurity provides good functionality of the security system.


RTI Group supplies KARAOKE CONCERT HALL «ATRIUM» with printers, produced by the Epson company. Epson’s printers are of high quality and wearproof. Under condition of good consumable using this equipment can work with no need for reparation.


For warehouse and kitchen automation system RTI offered scales of Mettler Toledo production. This equipment makes easier calculation of products and is capable of sending data to iiko system. Comprehensive approach to the automation, organization and management of KARAOKE CONCERT HALL «ATRIUM» can help the club work successfully and bring to the owners more and more profits.