Label Printers

Print label Zebra ZD 410

Get fast, dependable printing in your most space constrained areas with the ultra-compact ZD410 direct thermal printer. Designed for the smallest of work spaces, the ZD410 lets you print high-quality labels, receipts, tags and wristbands wherever you need them. The many connectivity options make deployment…

Zebra GC420 Desktop Printer

Zebra’s GC420™ Series printers offer professional printing for any budget. These affordable, easy-to-use printers are ideal for a variety of basic labeling applications. Although value priced, these printers are still engineered for reliability and longevity. Like all G-Series printers, the GC420 has…

Sewoo LK-B30 Desktop Printer

Sewoo LK-B30 is a compact desktop label printer (2kg)    ● Rapid graphic printing at 152mm per second  ● Time & space saving model  ● Paper width adjustable from 18mm to 118mm  ● Versatile font types & barcodes printing supported  ● Labeling software ‘Label Cooker’ supplied as a professional…

Sewoo LK-B20 Desktop Printer

Sewoo LK-B20 desktop thermal barcode label printer. This barcode printer is designed to support a wide range of applications for the manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, healthcare and government markets. The printer has 152 mm/sec speed, 203 DPI print resolution, USB & Parallel interface.

Label printer is special-purpose equipment for the printing of the small materials such as tags, labels, patient wristbands, receipts. Desktop label printers are compact, highly productive and easy to use. The devices are used to prompt marking materials making. Such materials are necessary in warehouses, stores, offices and pharmacies. These devices operate in the technology of thermal printing. Thermal printers use for printing special thermal paper and have no need in ink replenish. However, such printed materials are exposed to ultraviolet rays.  A thermotransfer printer is suitable where it is necessary to print more durable and resistant labels. Such world-renowned manufacturers of the equipment as Zebra and Sewoo continuously perfecting their technique, taking care of the productivity and reliability of the devices. They have developed a number of models of devices for a wide range of use. The various models can print at speeds ranging from 56 to 152 mm per second. The device can optionally have a dispenser, an external keyboard and a timer, as well as a variety of interfaces and adapters. Label printers can have various memory sizes depending of the model.