Automatic weighing and labelling LS-4000 Series

Producer: Dibal



Stainless Steel structure and FDA approved bands -if necessary- ensure the fulfilling of the current regulations concerning the food industry. The modular design allows to adapt the system to different product dimensions and special weighing capacities, not included in the standard models. In adition, LS-4000 has been design to facilitate maintenance tasks (quick replacemente of belts, easy cleaning, ...), as well as any future modifications of the production line (for example, inmediate change of working sense, from left to right or viceversa). 


3 conveyors: the first one for the entry and separation of packages, the second one for weighing and the third one for the labelling. Depending on product characteristics, standard LS-4000 models can have weight conveyors from 350x200 up to 600x400 mm (other dimensions in special cases). Dimensions of entry and labelling conveyors depends on application type. Precise product detection by means of sensors.


Entrance conveyor: Depending on the characteristics of the installation, it could be advisable (or even required) the use of an entrance conveyor. Its function is to separate those packages incoming to the system with not enough distance one from the other and to guarantee a perfect entry of the products (to avoid any oscillation that might affect the weight stability).


Main features


Speed: Up to 110 packages per minute, in weighing and labelling, and 160 in only weighing; speed can be globally configured or associated to each PLU. 
In order to obtain a high operating speed, LS-4000 equipments are supplied with two CPUs, one for product transport and weighing and the other one exclusively for printing process. 


PLUs: 8.000, with 2 product names, price, tare, 3 dates, bar code format, 10 texts of 24 characters, 1 text of 1.000 characters (for 1.000 PLUS); 4.000 ingredients, 1.000 clients, which will enable to manage the labelling of customer´s orders. 


The console and graphic display provide the required information to the user and facilitates the programming of the system. 
The LS-4000 can be also supplied with 15” touch screen.




Printer Direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing, 3" or 4” printer with long life printhead
Label  from 40 x 50 mm up to 102 x 120 mm
20 fixed formats + 79 configurable by the user
Bar codes EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, CODE 128, ITF-14, etc.


PC: RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g
Bar code reader: to read EAN-13 or EAN-128 data
Digital output to control external devices.
PLU 8000


Standard models 3 kg - 1 g / 6 kg - 2 g / 15 kg - 5 g
Special models (upon request) 30 kg - 10 g / 60 kg - 20 g


Brochure LS 4000