Markerators and applicators

Warehouses, supermarkets and industry enterprises usually have a wide range of different products, so there is a necessary to carry on its account. Moreover, each unit of goods may have a marker with the price, the date of manufacture or the expiration date. There is a wide range of assistive devices for marking of the goods. Such devices are markerators and applicators. Product labeling allows one to optimize the store or warehouse, to reduce the time lost during the inventory and speed up the passage of goods at the checkout. Markerators and applicators perform the same function - the application of the marks on the goods, but work in different ways. Markerators apply the information on the labels and stick them on the product. 


Applicators are used to apply ready-made labels with bar codes. The first ones print the required alphanumeric characters, and the second ones need ready for use labels. The pricing guns (markerators) apply the information to a special label tape with ink roller. The device requires changing of ink cartridges.  The ink is usually black, but the labels can be of a various color. Moreover on the label tape can be an image or a logo. When you select a device, you should think about how much information is required for labeling of goods. There is an opportunity to put the text in a single line or in two.  You can also select the set of characters and Latin or Cyrillic script.


The model Dynamic Open C8 allows applying of the information in one line, and the model Open C20 - in two lines. The label applicator (sometimes referred dispenser) - can be both manual and industrial. The industrial devices can operate with packages of a various types. For example, they can apply labels on bottles. In retail are using portable hand-held devices (guns). They are easy to use and convenient, usually equipped with a wrist strap and a mechanical sensor to adjust the width of the label tape. A shop worker just needs to squeeze the trigger to pop the edge of the adhesive tape and apply it to the product.