Producer: Apart

 The APart MASK loudspeakers have been designed for the contractor market and supply you with a crystal clear sound, from back ground music up to “dance level” music.

MASK series have a unique and very stylish innovative design. The loudspeakers can be used with their grill, what gives them a soft and gentle look. Taking the grill away transfers the MASK6T into a sportive looking and robust loudspeaker. The cabinet is made of high quality enforced PP4 ABS. The internal bracketting and the shape of the cabinet avoids internal interference and optimises the sound quality of the MASK6T loudspeaker.

It can be used in 16 ohm (up to 4 loudspeakers in parallel on a standard 4 ohm amplifier channel) or 100 Volt.

It comes with a High Quality 100 Volt transformer with several power tappings. These can be selected via the rotary switch at the back of the loudspeaker.

MASK6T has a powerfull 6.5” coated papercone woofer. Together with the Vari-throat horn for the ferro-fluid cooled silk dome tweeter this results in a high SPL and ultra low distortion. Its phase-alignmet and wide frequency range makes sure every note, starting from the robust bass over the clean middle range to the crystal clear highs, reaches your ears with an astonishing clarity.

The build-in Auto-Reset 3-step Protection Guard together with the quality components make MASK6T a fail-safe loudspeaker, even at high power loads!

Thanks to the Intelli-Mount bracket, the MASK6T is easy and fast to install. The Vari-throat horn for the tweeter and the 5° down tilt angle in which the twoofer and tweeter are mounted in the cabinet, guarantee a perfect sound dispersion, without the need of a big tilt angle of the cabinet itself. The MASK6T cabinet has a M12 thread mounting point tapped at the back of the cabinet. This way a lot of other mounting systems can be used.

MASK6T loudspeakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The grill is made of aluminium and the woofer has been coated. The cabinet is supplied with a rubber IP protection cover for the loudspeaker terminals. This way water ingress and corosion of the terminals and transfo rotary switch is avoided.

MASK6T is available in black (Ref; MASK6T-BL) and white (Ref; MASK6T-W). From 12 pieces on, MASK series can be painted in any other RAL colour.

MASK6 is the standard 8 Ohm version without 100V transformer build-in.

Type 2-way HiFi Pro, sealed box
Cabinet Enforced PP4 ABS
Woofer 6.5” HD Type
Tweeter 1” HD silk dome on Varithroat horn
Impedance 16 Ohm
Transfo Power Tap. 6-15-30-60 watt (1.66K,666.6K,333.3K,166.6K ohm)
RMS Power 16 ohm
AES Rated 150 watt
Music - Program 200 watt
Dynamic Peak (low-cut) 400 watt
Protection Auto-Reset 3-step Protection Guard
SPL 1 watt/1M 91 dB
SPL Max peak 120 dB
Freq. range 65 Hz - 20 kHz
Dispersion Push terminals
5° downtilt angle 120° H x 80° V
IP rating 64
Thread size mounting point M12
Dimensions (HxWxD) 315 x 175 x 195 mm
Weight 3.95 Kg