MDS-5700 Series detector

Producer: Dibal

High sensitivity metal detectors, with touchscreen. Special models for connection 
to stuffer machines. Multi-frecuency.

Stainless steel tunnel. 
Tunnel protection: IP 66. IP 69K optional.
Stainless steel frame. Matte finish (glass sandblasting).
Control Unit

5,7” colour touchscreen.


Variable speed conveyor.
Working temperature: -10 to +50 ºC. 
Auto-setup-routine. With interference signal supression and automatic sensitivity calibration.
Multi-filter system. Using digital filtration for maximum stability in harsh environments.
Auto-balance. Automatically detects and compensates for any changes in the signal during normal operation (e.g. 
temperature variations).
Narrow detection zone. Provides an accurate location of the metallic particle in the detection field allowing precise 
Self monitoring system. Ensures all important components are functioning properly. In case of fault, relay outputs 
are available. Faults are displayed as text in real time.
Automatic product-effect cancellation, with real time product parameter measurement capabilities.
Dynamic auto-tracking (product characteristics change tracking). Guarantees maximum sensitivity in operation.


1.000 products.

3-level password protection.

Ethernet and RS-232. Wi-Fi optional.
USB port: for backup equipment programming and export reports of detections and changes on configuration.