Verifies banknotes and securities in UV light, white backlight. Checks magnetic properties. Checks size (definition of solvency). Checks micro-printing and small elements in 2,5x magnification. 


  • Powerful and reliable UV light
  • Heat-resistant plastic case increase the life of the device 
  • Magnifying lens for fluorescence control on the whole banknote under the UV light and the availability of protective fibers
  • Detector’s cover is designed to prevent the dispersion of UV rays in daylight
  • Touch sensor, automatically turn on/off 
  • Resistant to voltage unstability
  • Allows multiple banknotes checking when fanned out
  • Operating table with a ruler 
  • Built-in MG sensor 
UV-light detection 2x6 W
White light detection +
Magnetic detection +
2.5x magnifying glass +
Scale incorporated +
Automatically turns On +
Dimensions, mm 270x140x140
Net Weight, kg 0,9