Verification of the autenticity of bank notes of all origins, identity cards, passports, credit cards, certificates and A4 documents. White light detection from above, traversing through the UV light. Magnetic detection, ink marks detection. Dimensions verification (definition of solvency). Control of micro elements with the help of 10x magnifying glass and light.



  • Professional detector can be used for different sectors and even for banks | Minimal loss of UV light, heat-resistant plastic caps, strong device construction| Internal magnifying lens of x2 and large display area for entire ticket view
  • Opportunity to check A4 document (paper slot in the back of detector) 
  • Visual inspection of the tickets in a fan 
  • Easy accessible switch 
  • Checks size (definition of solvecy)
  • 10 x maginfier (supplied as a gift)
  • Multi-lingual manual 
  • 12 month warranty

Cashiers, exchange offices, banks, legal departments (authentication of certificates and documents).

UV-light detection 2x6 W
White back lighting detection +
White front lighting detection -
Magnetic detection +
2x Magnifying glass 2x / 130x60
Remote 10x magnifying glass +
Scale incorporated +
Dimensions, mm 255x155x145
Net Weight, kg 1,05