RTI Group has become iiko company certified business partner!


Since today RTI Group is a certified business partner of iiko Company. iiko is a leading producer and creator of software for hospitality industry management and organization. iiko company chairman of the board of directors is a well-known IT person, who founded more than one successive business, including renowned by its products ABBY Company. 


We care for our clients, so we cooperate only with the best!


The partnership with iiko Company is a great opportunity to care for your business on the highest level, never been affordable in our market before.


Do you know about iiko?


Wouldn’t you like to find out more about a new concept of management in hospitality industry, would you?


First of all, iiko is a comprehensive approach to any business organization, including fast-food, hotel, bistro, billiard, gas station, café or other HoReCa institutions. Thanks to iiko the common information space allows to manage all the processes of the enterprise in real time. The system is capable to occupy with all tasks, beginning with management of waiters’ terminals and finishing with warehouse functioning control. It is capable to manage with financial analysis and reports, makes reservations for guests, manage with discounts and other operations. The owner or manager gets information about possible problems and events from iikoRMS. This solution can predict possible difficulties, according the statistics and historical data.


iiko special solutions have additional options of music, bonus system, delivery and restaurant infrastructure automatically management. All the restaurants, already automated with iikoRMS, can be integrated in chain with iikoChain solution.


What can iiko software?


Almost everything!


To help with hospitality industry management, iiko  can organize the warehouse work and sale, human resources control, motivation and salary assign, dangerous situations video surveillance fulfill. The system can watch on by-the hour services like billiard or bowling and signalize automatically when the paid time ends. Another system’s function is taking care of loyal customers and the new ones attraction. The system sends information to social networks and makes releases according to establishment’s work reports.


iiko is taking care of staff too. iikoFront and iikoKitchen solutions can be adjust according the establishment’s needs. It will provide comfortable work with orders, submit information about tables, display the special offers and send the data to the kitchen. iiko system can be integrated to other hotel management systems, like Edelweiss and Opera.  Remote access to system allows controlling all the processes from home or from anywhere.


One of the first iiko certified RTI Company’s specialists will help you with the new software using. We provide technical support 7/24.


We work for the best with the best!