Sensormatic Ultra Exit

Producer: Sensormatic

The Sensormatic UltraExit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance UltraMax EAS protection over wide exits.

Available in three design options including rugged ABS, composite clear panel and high quality acrylic.

High quality construction and straight edge form ensures the antenna blends into store openings while still providing a visual deterrent.

Accurate and consistent performance is provided by the UltraMax 9050 Controller. This detection platform uses parallel resonance technology, the latest DSP and efficient power management to deliver high level performance and functionality.

SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.

Features and Benefits


Aesthetic, modern design matches the highest store aesthetic requirements with acrylic and non acrylic options.
Up to 8 meter coverage from one controller with 2 meter coverage between pedestals.
UltraMax 9050 Controller platform provides advanced DSP, connectivity, efficient power management, software controlled system configuration, separate alarm relays and up to four transceivers from one controller.
Base Options including high impact ABS and stainless steel for different applications.
Audible and visual alarms provide notification of identified events.
SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.
UltraMax Detection for the range of Sensormatic hard tags and labels.

Technical Specifications Transmitter
Operating Frequency 58kHz(±200Hz)
Transmit Burst Duration 1.6ms
Max. Transmit Current 20A peak
Burst Repetition Rate
Based on 50Hz ac 75Hz or 37.5Hz
Based on 60Hz ac 90Hz or 45Hz
Receiver Center Frequency 58kHz
Receive Coil Resistance 1.6 ohms
Environmental Ambient Temperature 0°C to 50°C
(32°F to 122°F)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90%
Mechanical Height 155cm (61in)
Width 50.9cm (20in)
Thickness (with base covers) 12.5cm (4.9in)
Weight (with base covers) 9.7kg (21.3lbs)