The RTI Group has demonstrated its products on VII International specialized exhibition SHOPS & RESTAURANTS

From 5 to 8 November in the Chişinău exhibition center Moldexpo took place the VII international specialized exhibition SHOPS & RESTAURANTS. The aim of the exhibition was demonstration of advanced equipment, software and technologies for the enterprises of trade and hospitality industry. The representatives of 11 countries confirmed the status of the international event of the year for restaurateurs and retailers.



More than 100 trademarks of Moldova, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Croatia and Uzbekistan have demonstrated their products. The exhibition has become a great opportunity for experience exchange and communication between colleagues and users.


In addition to familiarizing with the new equipment and technologies, which include all the necessary complex for the enterprises from the software and barcode scanners to clothes for staff and decoration items, visitors had the opportunity to participate in professional training. The main event of the exhibition was the IV International Culinary Championships.


PLASMA RTI Company has presented on the exhibition the high-quality equipment for retail and HoReCa automation from leading American and European manufacturers, as well as the exclusive software iiko.



The owners of the most popular restaurants, hotels and supermarkets of the country configured on the modernization and optimization of the business processes of their enterprises familiarized with innovations, demonstrated by the Company. After all, every businessman configured on the promotion and growth of the company understands the necessary and obvious benefits of the complex automation.

A new concept in the management of hospitality industry iiko, demonstrated by the company, is able to solve many everyday problems of restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel or other enterprise. Modern software controls sales, delivery, staff salaries and oversees the kitchen, provides video surveillance and picks up the background music for the establishment. In other words, do not just simplify all the processes, but increases profits, minimize costs and gives one the opportunity to earn more in the shortest possible time. Certified by iiko, PLASMA RTI Company’s experts are able to implement the software in your company.