Producer: GRAEF

Professional Benefits


  • Removable, 2-disc blade sharpener
  • Special oil
  • Robust cleaning brush


  • Carriage for 600 mm restraint length
  • Patented transport chain
  • Patented slicing product advance
  • Smooth, freely accessible surface everywhere in high-grade anodic design
  • Low layout for ideal insertion of the slicing items on the carriage
  • 500 Watt powerful motor with cooling system and double bearing supported gear
  • Hard-Chromium plated, special high-performance blade Ø 300 mm with narrow blade sheath and closed blade cover plate
  • Orderly, easliy accessible control terminal with drip-proof foil keyboard
  • Smooth-running carriage with motorised feed of slicing product
  • A Bluetooth interface facilitates fast, competent programming, taken care of by the GRAEF parent plant
  • Freely controllable carriage stroke number fitting for every type of slicing items for 30-55 strokes / min.
  • Many options for specific requirements
Motor power 500 Watts / 230 V~ alternating- or 400 V~ three-phase current
Blade (Ø mm) 300 mm
cut lenght (mm) 250 mm
cut height (mm) 180 mm
Slice thickness (mm) 0,5 - 10 mm
Slicing speed 30 - 55 strokes / min.
Interface serial
Restraint length 600 mm
Footprint 540 x 440 mm
Exterior dimensions 600 x 1240 x 500 mm
Workspace 700 x 1280 x 640 mm
Blade speed 229/min
Slices per minute max. max. 55/min.
Operating period Continuous duty
Emission noise level < 69 dBA
Net weight 78 kg


VA 806 FB