Outdoor cafe automation


You will ensure absolute transparency of your business and can save up to 20 % of circulating assets due to centralized management of sales, warehouse, finance and staff! The site automation project will pay off at maximum within 4 months and you will start making more money.

Simple and convenient

iiko is a user friendly solution: servers can master the system in a matter of hours and back office employees get rid of time consuming routine tasks that required manual operation. Having worked with iiko for a while, you will quickly forget how you managed to deal without it!


iiko for Chefs


  • User friendly interface for working with the stock list (goods, dishes, batches, modifiers)
  • Storage of the history of changes to process cards and their printing in different formats
  • Automatic cost calculation and analysis
  • Creation of complex dishes (dish in a dish)
  • Accounting of dishes by categories
  • Calculation of nutritional and energy value of dishes
  • Unique mechanism of Buffet dish accounting
  • Processing certificates, automatic sales certificates


iiko for accountants


  • Chart of accounts, cashbook, balance sheet
  • Cash flow and accounting
  • Salary calculation and payment
  • Material resources accounting, operations
  • Analysis of status of settlements with contractors
  • Universal data exchange interface with external systems



based on: iiko.ru