UltraExit AMS-9050 Anti-Theft Controller

Producer: Sensormatic

The UltraExit AMS-9050 controller deters theft by activating an alarm when it detects the unique response of an active UltraMax EAS hard plastic tag or disposable label.

To detect a tag/label:

  • Antenna(s) connected to the controller emit a magnetic field close to the tag/label’s natural frequency causing it to vibrate or “ring” at the frequency of the field. When the field is removed, energy in the tag/label dissipates resulting in a unique signal.
  • The controller processes signals picked up by the antennas to determine if they are indicative of a tag/label signal.
  • If a tag/label signal is detected, the controller activates audio-visual indicators on antennas and other alarm devices, if used.


  • Supports various pedestal antennas used to detect tags/labels in food store checkout aisles, or used to guard exits.Supports up to four Unicoil antennas.Antennas can be four transmit or transceiver antennas and four receive antennas (or two receive antennas and two noise canceling coils)

Antenna coils can be set for phase flipping (default), aiding, or figure-8 operation.

  • Using a laptop computer and ADS 4 service configurator software—can independently control each antenna either as a transmitter only, transceiver, or receiver only as required to secure the aisle or exit.
  • Connection for a wireless transmitter synchronization device such as a Sensormatic Sync Link.
  • Connection for the following alarm devices: Built-in alarm in the antenna (if used) Up to two externally-powered remote alarms Externally-powered Sensormatic alarm management or traffic flow device Up to two relays for devices such as security cameras.
  • Connection for hardwired sync and transmit inhibit function.
  • Connections for RS-232 (local diagnostics) and RS-485 (remote diagnostics).
  • Connection for peripheral RS-485 net work communication to antennas (if supported by antenna).
  • Automatic setup of most used system configurations.
Power supply
Primary input 100-120Vac или 200-240Vac, 50-60 Hz
Primary power fus 2.5A, 250V, slow-blow, hi-breaking
Current draw (120V) <1.5 A
Current draw (240V) <1 A
Input power  (120V) <130W
Input power  (240V) <123W
Operating frequency 58kHz (±200Hz)
Transmit burst duration 1.6ms
Transmit current maximum 16A макс
Burst Repetition Rate
Based on 50Hz 75Hz or 37.5Hz
Based on 60Hz 90Hz or 45Hz
Center frequency 58kHz
Ambient temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Относительная влажность 0 to 90%, non-condensing
Length 44.6 cm
Width 33.5 cm
Height 9.2 cm
Weight 6.4 kg