Sensormatic Ultra Post

Producer: Sensormatic

UltraPost® is a cornerstone of the Sensormatic detection portfolio, providing high performance anti-shoplifting protection to retailers worldwide. Affordable, effective and easy to maintain the UltraPost® remains a popular choice among leading retailers to help reduce their losses.


With added functionality and improved aesthetics, the UltraPost® IV feature-rich design offers retailers the added benefits of SmartEAS® networking connectivity, people counting ready options and synchronization capabilities. With an updated look and color change, UltraPost® IV provides an aesthetic solution suitable for any retail environment - from malls to stand alone stores.


Designed to protect a variety of exit openings, this versatile system covers almost any exit width. A single pedestal can protect a 0.9m (3ft), while two pedestals spaced 1.8m (6ft) apart can cover an exit up to 3.6m (12ft).

Gate dimentions 145 х 41 x 9 cm
Ferrite antenna dimensions  24 х 8 x 3,8 cm
Weight 12,6 kg
Power consumption 150 W
Operating frequency 58 kHz
Operating temperaure 0-50 C
Relative humidity 0-90 %
Material plastic
Colour white with gray