RTI Group has become an official distributor of European weighing equipment Dibal

The range of weighing equipment provided by the RTI Group has expanded a line of solutions of the Spanish manufacturer Dibal. Dibal Company is a manufacturer of weighing and labeling equipment, which is characterized by high durability and is a true sample of the European Quality. The products of the Company have been leaders in the European market since 1985. Today Dibal is one of three leading suppliers in Europe. A wide range of the Company equipment includes the technique of various levels of complexity and performance, which provides high functionality and reliability.


Each of Dibal lines of equipment includes a number of characteristics that allow choosing the most appropriate for all parameter model of the device. The Dibal equipment is capable to work properly in the harshest environments, it will not fail even under the most intense stress. The Dibal 500 Series electronic scales with label printing can meet the needs of the most demanding retailers. The modern commercial scales are characterized by high manufacturability successful design and productive work. Such equipment is not only a reliable tool and retailer’s assistant, but it also fits any design of the supermarket. The scales can be equipped optionally with a graphical or segments screens on which can be displayed the product name, weight, price and other data. An additional feature for graphic screen is the ability to display logos, advertising and interface of 4 types of design.

The Dibal 900 series scales for retail combines all the advantages of bright touch screen displays for the seller and buyers with the simplicity and efficiency of conventional electronic trade balance. They can be presented in two different formats: for installation on a counter and for hanging, and moreover used in conjunction with or without a tower. The 900 series scales can print labels with such barcodes as EAN-13, GS1 and EAN-128.


The Dibal CS-1100 W PC Based Scales designed especially for retailers.  This weighting equipment is a real PC and any program for Windows can be installed on it. The attractive and modern design of the scales fits perfectly into the interior of any supermarket. 7 "or 15" TFT LCD display allows to turn the scale in the tool to promote products, as the screen can play videos and display product presentation.  In addition to retail models of electronic scales, the company develops Dibal complex automated solutions for weighing and labeling of goods in a large scale.