AC 2U Pneumatic tube system

Producer: Aerocom

The AC2U provides full electronic and digital output for the coordination and control of all functions. Single tube, reversing operation or twin- tube, one-way operation.

Maximum number of stations: 2
Maximum number of lines: 1
Diverter: 2-way / 3-way
Operation mode: Single Tube,Reversing operation; Twin Tube, One-way operation

This is the ideal internal Cash-Handling System. Use of this system diminishes the high risk to employees in the checkout area. Its use is standard in many retail establishments. Aerocom systems offering in this area includes Point-to-Point, microprocessor controlled systems. Each activity can be controlled/monitored ensuring accountability.

Features of the AC2U System:


  • The central control unit is built-in into a standard case with a transport door
  • Automatic blower disconnnect by tube switch or by safety time-out
  • Adjustable blower follow up time
  • Blower relay for single-phase-integration with controls
  • Power pack for stabilized voltage built-in
  • Central deceleration of a carrier by slide gate or three-phase blower with valve. Ideally suited for heavy and sensitive packages and for noise reduction.
  • Operation panel with start button and operation indication.
  • Arrival signals with cancellation key. A remote visual or audible signal can be installed