Restaurant chain management


iikoChain manages organizational structure efficiently which consists of the central office, separate restaurants and cafes, distributive complex. You can control and analyse business activities of the chains and separate cafes online. Besides it is possible to open new restaurants, carry out marketing actions, improve procurements, build a friendly team of professionals, control finances. Thanks to iikoChain your guests will be always on the safe side that there are likely to be a high level service in any restaurant you manage. It means that guests will choose you.



iikoChain capabilities:

  • Management of distributed networks: different recipes, standards, reference books
  • Online monitoring of the chain activities from the central office or through the internet
  • Planning and gathering orders for production, delivery service management
  • Marketing actions support and special offers
  • Online consolidated financial and administrative reporting
  • Centralized wages and personnel management
  • Detailed information about any restaurant from the chain (separate note or order)
  • Comparative analysis on financial performance measures among restaurants in the chain
  • Mutual settlement and warehouse movement among organizations from the chain
  • Centralized procurements of products
  • Comparative analysis of procurements and sales
  • Single nomenclature, menu and recipes which can be adjusted


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