Automatic labelling LA-3000 Series

Producer: Dibal


  • Automatic labelling by means of pneumatic piston. 
  • Top, frontal or lateral label application (depending on the version). 


Size of labels: 

  • Up to 102 x 300 mm. 
  • Direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing. 
  • Control console with graphic backlight LCD and “qwerty” keypad; navigation system by menus.

General characteristics

  • Construction: stainless steel. 
  • Label application by pneumatic piston (input air pressure: 5 bar, working pressure: 3 bar). Factory option for upper, front or lateral labelling. 
  • Heigth and depth regulation; it allows to place the label in packages of different dimensions. 
  • Up to 30 labels per minute (depending on conditions). 

The LA-3000 labeller can be installed in any place within the production line. 
The equipment may be optionally supplied with an “intralox” conveyor belt adequated to each case.


Labeller characteristics

  • Stainless steel external structure, front in highly resistant ABS. 
  • Control console with graphic backlight LCD and “qwerty” keypad; navigation system by means of menus. 
  • Printer: 3” or 4” versions. 
  • 8.000 articles in memory. 
  • 30 + 30 presets. 
  • Customers (up to 1.000) and orders database (up to 100 orders of 100 articles each). 
  • Tare associated to each article. 
  • Repetitive tasks stored in macro keys.





Label sizes 3”: from 30 x 30 up to 76 x 300 mm.
4”: from 30 x 30 up to 102 x 300 mm.
Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm). 
Printing speed up to 120 mm/sec.
Communications Ethernet. Optional wireless communication. 
Connecion to bar code reader scanner
PLU 8000
weighing 3kg/1g, 6kg/2g, 10kg/5g