Automatic weighing and labelling LS-3000 Series

Producer: Dibal

General characteristics


Accurate weighing, high printing quality , complete label information and high operating speed are some of the basic features of Dibal LS-3000 Automatic Weigh-Price-Labeller System. 


  • Optional entrance guides, automatic positioning of the pack across the weighing band, speed PLU related and the easy positioning of the labelling applicator, incorporating the motorised regulation of the height, ensures the right flow of every type of product and the accuracy of the label application. 
  •  “Air-jet” non-contact label applicator guarantees a maximum care even for delicate products. 
  • The console and graphic display provide the required information to the user and facilitates the programming of the system. 
  • In addition, the PC connection allows to program the system, the graphic design of labels and the analysis of the production data received from the equipment. 
  • Stainless Steel structure and FDA approved bands -if necessary- ensure the fulfilling of the current regulations concerning the food industry. 
  • The modular design allows to adapt the system to different product dimensions and special weighing capacities, not included in the standard models.



  • Up to 75 packages per minute, in weighing and labelling; speed can be general or associated to each PLU in order to optimise the performance of each of them. (The real speed will depend on the size, shape, weight, product labelling system and the regularity of incoming packs to the LS-3000).



  • 8.000, with 2 product names, price, tare, 3 dates, bar code format, 10 texts of 24 characters, 1 text of 1.000 characters (for 1.000 PLUS); 4.000 ingredients, 1.000 clients, which will enable to manage the labelling of customer´s orders.


Checkweigher function

  • Packs under/over programmed limits will not be labelled.



  • Dynamic (it can be programmed as static if necessary, with the following options: 
  • 3 kg - 1 g, 6 kg - 2 g or 10 kg - 5 g, with standard weighing belt of 350 x 280 mm; special systems, with weighing belt up to 400 x 400 mm. 
  • Special weighing belts up to 600 x 500 mm, for 15 kg - 5 g.




  • 20 fixed formats + 30 configurable by the user (from the console or from the PC). 
  • Up to 60 information fields in each label. 
  • Logos, imported from PC. 
  • Generic traceability: up to 20 types of products (beef, fish, cheese, ...). 
  • Labels of totals, up to 3 levels: they can be printed with the LS-3000 itself or with a manual labeller connected to the system (Dibal LP-3000), without interrupting the normal operation of the system. 
  • Label size: from 40x40 mm up to 80x100 mm (printing width 76 mm). 
  • Package size (standard weighing belts): length 300 x width 280 x height 250 mm.




Label  from 40x40 mm up to 80x100 mm (printing width 76 mm).
Bar codes: EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, CODE 128, ITF-14


3 conveyors: the first one for the entry and separation of packages, the second one for weighing and the third one for the labelling
 Printing speed up to 120 mm/sec.
Communications PC: RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g
Digital output to control external devices. The PC communications (RS-232), labeller of totals and bar code reader cannot be performed simultaneously.
PLU 8000
weighing 3 kg - 1 g, 6 kg - 2 g or 10 kg - 5 g, with standard weighing belt of 350 x 280 mm;