Dibal Self-service Scales 500 series

Producer: Dibal

500 Series scales have been designed thinking on the needs of users and service departments. Segments display or graphic display. Both of them can show weight, price, total and tare, active vendors and name of the product.
Additionally, graphic display can show logos, profitability codes (in vendor side), publicity with templates system and special dynamic effects,… and allow to choose between 4  "screen designs".


Amazing functionality

Complete information for each PLU:

  • Regular price.
  • Price by weight segments and per kg/100 g.
  • 2 names of 20 characters.
  • 10 free texts of 24 characters.
  • 1 text of 1.024 characters.
  • Profitability code.
  • Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time slots, last month,...), margins, cash drawer report, last modified PLUs,...
  • Fast and reliable communications among scales, PC and mobile devices including new DWS (Dibal Web Server).


Easy programming and operation:


  •  “Drill-Down” Menus.
  •  Menus can be printed in the scale.
  •  Special  keys  for  direct  access  to programming menus: change a price, include a new PLU or vendor, sales reports,...
  •  Direct access to 999 PLUs from keyboard.
  •  Search of PLUs by number . 
  •  Search of PLUs by name : typing the initial characters of the name, the display shows the matching items. 
  •  2 programmable “Macros” : recording of a sequence of keys, to create a “shortcut" to any task: change of batch number, access to programming parameters, receipt reopening, reports, etc. 
  •  Security: configurable password system.




  • Inmediate change of the paper roll, featuring a cassette.
  • Linerless (adhesive paper rolls without backpaper):
  • M-525 model can be supplied with “linerless” option, to print adhesive labels or receipts without backpaper. 
  • The scale can print labels of variable length -with no waste of paper- or adhesive receipts (that can be used to close the customer bag).
  • Linerless system benefits our environ-ment, as there is no backpaper waste.
  • Scales with linerless option can also print conventional receipts or labels, simply changing the cassette and operation mode.

Formats self-service
Capacity / Accuracy Mono-range (3.000 divisions): 
15 kg - 5 g
30 kg - 10 g
Multi-range (3.000 divisions): 
6 kg - 2 g  #  15 kg - 5 g
15 kg - 5 g  #  30 kg - 10 g
Mono-range (6.000 divisions): 
12 kg - 2 g
30 kg - 5 g
Printing High resolution (2”, 54 mm) and fast printer: up to 80 mm/s
Labels 20 fixed formats + 10 programmable 
- From 30x30 up to 60x100 mm 
- 40 logos.
- 40 fields of information.
- 100 programmable texts.
- Manual and automatic pre-packing modes.
- 3 levels of totals 
- Printing of a preset number of copies 
- Printing with 90º-180º-270º rotation 
- “Opto” automatic adjustment for paper detection.
- Global expiration date 
- Alphanumerical batch 
 Wi-Fi (802.11) or Homeplug, as an option
Communications ETHERNET TCP/IP
PLUs  5.000 (40x2 + 4x2 presets). 10 vendors. Receipt printer. 


Dibal 500 series