Automatic Weighing and/or Labelling

Automatic weighing and labeling of products is one of the most important processes of the food industry enterprises. Optimization of business processes of such organizations is possible through the implementation of modern and high-tech equipment. Thanks to RTI Group it is possible to buy the equipment for automatic weighing and labeling in Moldova. RTI Group is the official distributor of weighing equipment, as well as automatic weighing and labeling equipment of the Spanish manufacturer Dibal. Dibal’s products are the guarantee of the highest European quality and durability. The company is among the three leading manufacturers of weighing equipment in Europe. The devices made by Dibal have been performing on European enterprises for several decades.


Automatic weighing and labeling of products in the food industry and in large supermarkets will optimize the work, reduce the number of personnel in the organization, accelerate business processes and increase profits. Dibal systems are capable to perform dynamic weighing of products. Dynamic Weighing is the best solution to ensure the highest accuracy of weighing of the products, while passing through the conveyer. Besides weighing, the system can apply the labels with bar code and other data. Labeling of fragile goods and products in flexible packaging performs as accurate as possible, thanks to the «Air-Jet» system, developed by Dibal. Among the main features of automatic weighing and labeling is the ability to handle up to 75 packages per minute. This means that the system can weigh each item and apply the label with information about the price, weight, composition, date of manufacture, or other data, and besides cull improper products. The equipment can be quickly and easily modified for processing a particular type of production. There is no doubt in the strength and durability of the stainless steel construction. The systems can perform for decades under condition of timely and regular servicing.