Dibal CS-1100 W PC Based Scales

Producer: Dibal

CS-1100 W scale is available with DIBAL SW-1100 sales and management software, or with some of the most popular POS applications. 
Furthermore, as this is a real PC, you can install any Windows ® application.


Attractive and modern design, suitable for new image and shop interior design trends.
7” or 15” TFT buyer’s side displays allow to show  presentations, pictures and/or videos which make the scale a good sales promotion tool.
There is also a self-service version available, without rear display. 
Touch screen. Immediate learning (it avoids the hassles of training and staff turnover) and fast and reliable sales transactions. 


SW-1100 Software:


Detailed articles information through direct keys (name, photo, price...). There is no need to memorize codes. Articles are searched by code or name.
Unlimited number of article keys (subsequent screens). 
Keyboard configurable by user: PLUs, sections, vendors, QWERTY or ABC keyboard, etc ... 
Possibility to display the receipt or label on the screen. 
Easy deletion of receipt lines / Easy reopen of receipt.


Information, management and control:

15” touch screen TFT on the vendor’s side. 
7” or 15” TFT display on buyer’s side for own promotional purposes (photo galleries, videos, presentations...) or supplier's advertising (TV spots, seasonal campaigns, etc ...). 
Display angle adjustable for better viewing, both in vendor and buyer sides.

Vendor’s screen with programmable information for ”sales support”: prices by weight segments, offers, messages from central office, etc. 
Programming and advertising campaign statistics for buyer’s TFT: the scale displays all images of a folder or just that one associated with the particular article being sold ("cross-selling”).
Full range of reports and graphics: global and detailed sales, margins, etc., with complete flexibility to select articles, customers, vendors, dates, periods, etc. and triple output options: on screen, in the scale printer, or in an external printer. 
Multi-prices. Prices associated to each store and each customer.
Stock control (warehouse) global and for each store.
Delivery notes and invoicing management.


Capacity / Accuracy Mono-range (3.000 divisions): 
15 kg - 5 g
30 kg - 10 g
Multi-range (3.000 divisions): 
6 kg - 2 g  #  15 kg - 5 g
15 kg - 5 g  #  30 kg - 10 g
Versatility in receipts and labels 2” printer for receipts or labels
Cassette system for a quick change of paper roll.
Unlimited and fully configurable receipt and label formats
Label formats assignment, even for each article
Standard Windows® Fonts for both receipts and labels
Receipt + label or receipt + cash voucher in scales with second printer (2" Dibal or 3" external printer)
OC Windows® XP embedded
Intel® dual core processor - 2 GB DDR3 RAM - Solid State Drive (SSD).
input/output 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS-232 (one for barcode scanner, with no need of mains cable), 2 x Ethernet, VGA, DVI-D, Mouse and Keyboard ports, Audio in/out.
Communications Up to 50 scales in a network. 
Online connection with the scale (for upgrades, backups, installation of software applications, remote maintenance...). 
 Wi-Fi (802.11) or Homeplug, as an option