Dibal CS-1100 W Hanging PC Based Scales

Producer: Dibal

CS-1100 W scale is available with DIBAL SW-1100 sales and management software, or with some of the most popular POS applications. 
Furthermore, as this is a real PC, you can install any Windows ® application.


Attractive and modern design, suitable for new image and shop interior design trends.
7” or 15” TFT buyer’s side displays allow to show  presentations, pictures and/or videos which make the scale a good sales promotion tool.


SW-1100 Software:

It includes an application for the design of keyboard templates (for assisted sales or self-service mode). Configurable interfaces and access permissions assigned to different users.
Every button can include texts, icons, photos, etc.
The buttons are automatically sorted by different criteria at user's choice: code, name, top sellers...
In order to speed up the installation, the scales are supplied with a collection of templates, databases and photographs of food items (butchery/cold meat, fruits/vegetables and fish/seafood).


Information, management and control:


  • 15” touch screen TFT on the vendor’s side. 
  • 7” or 15” TFT display on buyer’s side for own promotional purposes (photo galleries, videos, presentations...) or supplier's advertising (TV spots, seasonal campaigns, etc ...). 


SW-1100 Software:


  • Vendor’s screen with programmable information for ”sales support”: prices by weight segments, offers, messages from central office, etc. 
  • Programming and advertising campaign statistics for buyer’s TFT: the scale displays all images of a folder or just that one associated with the particular article being sold ("cross-selling”).
  • Full range of reports and graphics: global and detailed sales, margins, etc., with complete flexibility to select articles, customers, vendors, dates, periods, etc. and triple output options: on screen, in the scale printer, or in an external printer. 
  • Multi-prices. Prices associated to each store and each customer.
  • Stock control (warehouse) global and for each store.
  • Delivery notes and invoicing management.


Capacity / Accuracy Mono-range (3.000 divisions): 
15 kg - 5 g
30 kg - 10 g
Multi-range (3.000 divisions): 
6 kg - 2 g  #  15 kg - 5 g
15 kg - 5 g  #  30 kg - 10 g
Versatility in receipts and labels 2” printer for receipts or labels
Cassette system for a quick change of paper roll.
Unlimited and fully configurable receipt and label formats
Label formats assignment, even for each article
Standard Windows® Fonts for both receipts and labels
Receipt + label or receipt + cash voucher in scales with second printer (2" Dibal or 3" external printer)
OC Windows® XP embedded
Intel® dual core processor - 2 GB DDR3 RAM - Solid State Drive (SSD).
input/output 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS-232 (one for barcode scanner, with no need of mains cable), 2 x Ethernet, VGA, DVI-D, Mouse and Keyboard ports, Audio in/out.
Communications Up to 50 scales in a network. 
Online connection with the scale (for upgrades, backups, installation of software applications, remote maintenance...). 
 Wi-Fi (802.11) or Homeplug, as an option