Dibal Scales 900 series double display

Producer: Dibal

The new Dibal D-900 series of retail scales combine the advantages of a vendor touch screen and customer advertising displays with the simplicity and economy of traditional electronics. 


Vendor's display:


  • 10,4" TFT touchscreen (in Flat format) or 12,1" TFT touchscreen (in Double Body format), fully configurable.
  • Sections and PLUs, or only PLUs.
  • 8 selectable templates, with different number and dimension of PLU keys: 1, 2, 8, 18, 32, 50, 72 or 98 keys per screen.
  • Easy design of images for each scale with “Dibal CDA” PC software for Windows. 




  • Inmediate change of paper roll, featuring a cassette.
  • Linerless (adhesive paper rolls without backpaper):
  • D-955 models can be supplied with “linerless” option, to print adhesive labels or receipts without backpaper.
  • Linerless system benefits our environment, as there is no backpaper waste.
  • Scales with linerless option can print labels of variable length -with no waste of paper- or adhesive receipts (that can be used, for example, to close the customer bag).
  • They can also print conventional receipts or labels, simply changing the cassette and operation mode.


Complete information for each PLU:


  • Regular and offer price.
  • Price by weight segments and per kg/100 g.
  • 3 names of 20 characters.
  • 20 free texts of 24 characters.
  • Profitability code.
  • Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time slots, last month,...), margins, cash drawer report, last modified PLUs,...
  • Fast and reliable communications among scales, PC and mobile devices including new DWS (Dibal Web Server).





Formats Flat and Double body
Capacity / Accuracy Mono-range (3.000 divisions): 
15 kg - 5 g
30 kg - 10 g
Multi-range (3.000 divisions): 
6 kg - 2 g  #  15 kg - 5 g
15 kg - 5 g  #  30 kg - 10 g
Mono-range (6.000 divisions): 
12 kg - 2 g
30 kg - 5 g
Printing High resolution (2”, 54 mm) and fast printer: up to 100 mm/s
Labels 20 fixed and 40 programmable formats
From 30x30 up to 60x150 mm
100 logos.
60 fields of information.
100 programmable texts.
 Manual and automatic pre-packing modes.
3 levels of totals (W-025).
Printing of a preset number of copies 
 Printing with 90º-180º-270º rotation 
 “Opto” automatic adjustment for paper detection.
 Global expiration date 
 Alphanumerical batch 
Communications ETHERNET TCP/IP
 Wi-Fi (802.11) or Homeplug, as an option
PLUs  10.000 PLUs. 1.000 direct PLUs (displayed in successive screens, up to 100, up to 100). Label printer.