If you need the equipment for the automation of business processes, then you are at the right place. The RTI Company has been engaged in the automation of trade, the hospitality industry, warehouses and logistics centers, as well as the industry for over 10 years. On our site you can find all the necessary information and get to know about the wide range of the equipment, produced by the leaders in the field. Each of the companies, regardless of the type of the devices, which it produces, is a leader in its field. Here you can buy the products of such companies as Datalogic, Mettler Toledo, Epson, IBM, Zebra, Firich Enterprises Co and many others.


It is not simple to choose good equipment; you need to consider many variables, such as size, functionality, performance, and price. It is better to buy all the elements of complex while selecting the necessary equipment. The consultants of our company, with many years of experience of working with major retail chains in the country, will provide you with the necessary support and advice on the choice of suitable for you models.


It is important to remember about the consumables while choosing the reliable and durable devices. It is often happens that the failure of even the most reliable devices occurs due to the use of cheap materials. Here you will be able to pick up such consumables, which are ideal for each of the devices, whether a thermal printer or a markerator. Our service center will take care of the failure if it still occurs. We perform the repair of the devices, both in warranty and post-warranty period. We also realize prevention and part replacement. A clear and smooth operation of your business processes - that is our caring, please contact us and do not think any more about the failures and downtime due to such trifles as malfunction of the technique.