Fast food automation


More profit


iiko increases profit of a restaurant, and in some cases it doubles and even triples profit. On the one hand it decreases costs, optimizes the payroll tax and radically cuts expenses related to personnel fraud. On the other hand, profit revenues increase due to more satisfied customers who bring their friends with them.

More guests


iiko effectively attracts and retains guests using loyalty systems, convenient table booking functionality with the ability to consider special requests of guests and remind the waiter about them, a unique solution for dining hall music management, an innovative mechanism for guest community formation and much more.

Business transparency

iiko provides full business transparency for the managers. All processes are integrated into a single information space. Each bill, each movement of goods and each employee action are clearly visible due to remote control and event based video surveillance. Wherever you are, your restaurant is always under the control.

Motivated staff

iiko educates and retains the best employees, and motivates them to achieve the best results, while making the negligent ones become better or leave. iiko is a fair and professional manager, trusted by both experienced and new team members. iiko trains your employees, controls and rewards with bonus programs, giving the best employees the chance to earn more. As the result your revenue also goes up.


iiko for managers


  • Up to date and complete online reporting on sales, personnel, cash flow and goods flow
  • Remote monitoring of what is going on in the restaurant: event based video monitoring and live video
  • All management reporting in accordance with IFRS: budgeted income statement, for instance cash flow statement
  • Reporting on the screen of a cellphone
  • Cost management, kitchen control, decrease of losses due to product spoiling
  • Inventory check by selected goods
  • Inventory count at any moment without work stoppage
  • Supplier relations management
  • Purchase price control
  • Control over inventory level and shelf life
  • Analysis of accountability and movement of goods
  • Motivation of personnel and the ability to resist misuses
  • Report on labor-cost and volume of sales for each employee
  • Customizable reports to demonstrate business results in the necessary cross section with the help of OLAP
  • Reliability and safety: access rights allocation, data protection


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