Aer Series 2in1

Producer: FEC

This is a 2in1 add-on device combining an MSR reader and a RFID reader. It is compatible with all AerSeries products (AerPOS, AerPPC, AerMonitor).


Card Types
Magnetic cards as per ISO7810, 7811, AAMVA
Read Capability
Magnetic stripe - dual or triple track of low/high coercivity
Card Swiping Method
Manual swipe, bi-directional
Card Thickness
0.76 ±0.08mm
Magnetic Head Life
Min. 1M swipes
Power Requirements
Supported OS
POSready 2009 (32bits), POSready 7 (32 & 64bits)

I/O Interface

USB 2.0 Type A

Dimension (W x H x D)
56 x 98 x 48.5 mm
Housing Color