Fiscal equipment

Fiscal Register RTI 1000 F

Built-in flash memory - Micro SD. Provides storage of all receipts and reports in electronic form during the operation period. Extensive printing capabilities: - The ability to print QR-code and bar code. - The ability to use two font sizes 12 x 24 and 9 x 17. For each font the follow configurations…

Fiscal registers are devices that function only in conjunction with PC or POS-system. The equipment receives data from a PC and prints the necessary information on a receipt, and some data transfers back to PC. The interfaces for device are USB and RS-232. As well as other printers these ones differ in speed of recipe printing.  The printer can function with speed of 18 lines per second or 50 lines per second depending on model. The best solution to the supermarket’s POS-system is a high-speed fiscal register, but for a hotel would be enough a medium-speed of printing. The fonts that the device presents, varying in both height and width of the characters. Moreover, it can be possible to select the characters’ size.  The tape for receipt printing is matched for each model of the device according to its specification. The specification can be found in supporting documentation. The majority of models have the ability to connect peripheral devices such as cash drawer or customer display.