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The RTI Group presents an innovative solution for HoReCa managing – iiko. Our company works only with professionals and leaders in their field, and iiko software meets all the requirements of modern business. Nowadays restaurateurs cannot use simple software for data entry and orders processing.  Restaurant management system should provide high quality of work of the kitchen, quick feed of the dishes, have the capacity to attract new guests and in addition, provide an independent work of staff that does not need constant supervision. Our company helps with the implementation of iiko in your company, offer the necessary equipment, train staff to use the software and provide technical support.



Why iiko?


  • Automation: both warehouse and tills

You no longer need to buy several software products for business automation: iiko handles the entire management vertical – from a separate outlet to a major restaurant chain, from sales and warehouse to management of finance, staff and video surveillance. iiko offers unprecedented opportunities for increasing business manageability, transparency, and scalability.


  • Financial management accounting

Few restaurant systems can boast a robust and simultaneously straightforward and user-friendly financial module. Full realtime financial reporting and IFRS profit and loss statements are available to iiko users at the click of a button. Every minute of every day iiko works to raise revenue and cut costs at your restaurant.


  • Staff management: salary calculation and incentive programs

Informative, fully transparent for a manager, the iiko system provides effective staff management: Built in training and certification, automatic monitoring of staff activities, and a flexible incentive utility will help you to build an unmatched team of professionals. iiko rewards the best employees and tells you when it is time to let the underperformers go.


  • Event based video

Unique tools of iiko provide unseen business manageability: each event in the system is closely integrated with a respective video fragment, available at a click of the mouse. iiko is watching managers that lets you control everything that is happening in your restaurant from any location at any time.


  • User-friendly interface and fast data processing

There are no equal systems in comparison with iiko when it comes to interfaceusability and data processing speed. Thanks to intuitive screens, even a novice waiter can enterand process orders time and a half faster, making for timely and flawless service. iiko helps you to attract new guests and retain existing ones.


  • Restaurant chain management

Innovative iiko tools for managing restaurantchains, manufacturing and distribution facilities include various versions of cards with a recipe for different restaurants, functionality for collecting sales, employee and information about guests, automatic menu updates, order consolidation and centralized management of production and inventories and whatnot.


iiko special solutions:



  • iikoWaiter


  • iikoSousChef


  • iikoKitchen
  • iikoMonitoring


  • iikoDashboard


  • iikoMobileReport


  • iikoCard


  • iikoScanning


  • iikoDJ

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