Online restaurant administration

IIKO is the “mind of the all" of all directors and managers. It allows controlling everything that happens in the restaurant from anywhere and at any time. There is nothing that can be compared to iiko user interface convenience and processing speed. A distinctive feature of iiko is the unique integration ability of all business processes in real time.



The main goal is to increase the profit, manageability, and remove the headache to the owner of the restaurant. Now, the most important information about the system and most relevant news will not escape from your notice - you will always see them when they log on.


IIKO is a fundamentally new approaches, allowing combining all aspects of an institution in one single process, as well as the latest achievements of computer technology. Now you do not need to buy different software for automating business: iiko provides all the chain of command from a single institution to a large restaurant chain, from the warehouse to the sales and financial management, personnel, and video surveillance. Due to iiko you get unprecedented opportunities to improve the manageability, scalability and transparency of business. Rare restaurant system boasts a powerful, but at the same time simple and convenient financial module. Full management reporting, real-time profit or loss in IAS touch of a button - all this is the reality for the iiko user.