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Online restaurant administration

IIKO is the “mind of the all" of all directors and managers. It allows controlling everything that happens in the restaurant from anywhere and at any time. There is nothing that can be compared to iiko user interface convenience and processing speed. A distinctive feature of iiko is the unique integration ability of all business processes in real time.

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When a customer walks through your doors, they  have chosen your retail store over other shopping  options, including online stores and catalogs. In order  to earn a sale and their repeat business, customers  need to find the items they want, ready and waiting  on the shelves of your store. Your ability to make sure  your customers find what they want, when they want  it, is dependent upon the efficiency of your inventory  management processes.  If you use manual paper-based processes in your store,  you insert time and the opportunity for errors into  your inventory management processes. Information  is touched twice — first collected on paper and then  entered into a spreadsheet or other program, where  it is finally visible.

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The New POS — A Branding Opportunity

​Brand image is everything to a retailer. Without it, the company just blends in with all of the other stores out there. The brand image is the differentiator. One of the ways retail brands set themselves apart is with store design, and a large part of this is the system hardware deployed throughout the store, from the POS to self-service kiosks.


With this in mind, Toshiba developed the TCxWave to mesh seamlessly with the modern design of today’s omni-channel retailer. “From a design standpoint, we used an award-winning design team that spends a lot of time in the retail industry, studying the elements retailers and customers look for in a solution,” says Erin Dorshorst, worldwide marketing manager at Toshiba. “Our goal was to create a store system that could deliver a positive brand image throughout the store.”

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Introducing PowerScan™ PBT9500 and PBT9500-DPM

The PowerScan 9500 family of imagers represents the new 2D handheld area imagers with rugged mechanics for industrial applications. With this introduction of the cordless Bluetooth® wireless technology radio model, the PowerScan 9500 family will be enriched greatly and will allow users to have the freedom of mobility.

The PowerScan 9500 imagers are targeted to be the most suitable solution for all applications in Warehouses, Transportation & Logistics and Manufacturing where the bar code is at a handy distance (within 1.0 m / 3.3 ft), regardless of whether it is a 1D or 2D code. The omnidirectional reading capability combined with the snappiness and the depth-of-field features allow the PowerScan 9500 area imagers to be faster and therefore, a preferred solution over standard laser scanners and represent their natural replacement.

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Datalogic’s Magellan 9800i scanner/scale – multi-plane

Datalogic, the global leader in retail checkout scanning, is proud to announce availability of the Magellan™ 9800i scanner-scale, the next generation scanner for high volume checkouts. The Magellan 9800i scanner-scale is the world’s first full digital imaging multi-plane retail checkout solution. This addition to the Magellan family of scanners is targeted for use in the highest volume retail checkout environment. With digital imagers in all planes, the 9800i reads both 1D and 2D bar codes without requiring item orientation by the cashier. This results in increased throughput at the checkout and an improved shopping experience for consumers.


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Check Out the Mobile Guest Experience by Checking in with Motorola Solutions’ Technology

​Today’s hotel guests are looking for more than just lower room rates when choosing a hotel, and new technology and services from Motorola Solutions are helping hoteliers differentiate their properties and improve the guest experience. In today’s mobile world, guests are bringing an average of two to three mobile devices into their rooms and are looking for simple, seamless wireless connectivity. Mobile and wireless technology from Motorola Solutions can be leveraged to elevate the guest experience and improve staff efficiency. Hoteliers looking for a trusted partner to help implement and manage these emerging technologies can utilize Motorola’s Global Solutions and Services offerings such as WLAN Management and Managed Guest Access. Managed Services for Hospitality can combine Motorola’s unique technologies with day-to-day operational management to create and maintain the mobile environments that deliver the experience that guests desire.

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Datalogic’s Lynx PDA now comes with 3G/4G HSPA+ and A-GPS

​Datalogic’s Lynx PDA now comes with 3G/4G HSPA+ and A-GPS, providing high-speed data transmission and precise global positioning anywhere, anytime.


Datalogic’s Lynx™ PDA now includes one of the latest technologies for broadband telecommunication, HSPA+, coupled with a state of the art A-GPS global positioning system. Operators can complete any job inside and outside the four walls quicker than ever before with the Lynx PDA.


HSPA+ or, Evolved High-Speed Packet Access, offers the most rapid data transmission speeds available today. Datalogic presents the 3G/4G (HSPA+) model of the Lynx PDA to those users that need to have the office in their pockets while they are on the move. E-mails, cellular phone connectivity, and CRM’s can be accessed with the touch of a finger from anywhere inside the store or out in the field. The user can be sure that critical information regarding business activities is sent and received at top speed.


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