Laboratory weighing

Analytical balances Classic

Classic Level analytical balances are the best choice for simple weighing tasks. Reliable and easy to use, they provide you with accurate measurement results and a long service life. METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances have earned their place as the world's best. The analytical balances have unparalleled…

Laboratory weighing is weighing equipment of high accuracy, which is an indispensable element of a scientific laboratory, and also can be used in industry. Laboratory weighing can measure the weight of the samples to the nearest hundredth of a gram and are made of chemically resistant materials. Laboratory analytical balances are reliable, durable and easily measure the weight of the load. The company Mettler Toledo is the world's largest manufacturer of weighing equipment and other devices for the production and laboratories. The production of this company includes all the qualities that are necessary for productive work. Analytical laboratory balances, such as the Classic model, will be the primary weighing instrument of any production or science lab. It is easy and comfortable to work with these balances they are adapted to the environmental conditions and stabilize quickly. It is also easy to clean the devices which are important for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Instruments are calibrated automatically. There is no need in extra software to transfer data from the devices to a computer.