MA35 compact 35 watt mixing desktop amplifier

Producer: Apart
The APart MA35 is probably the most complete and compact 35 watt 100 Volt mixing desktop amplifier. The amplifier has 4 inputs: 2 MIC, 1 MIC-LINE and 1LINE. The microphone inputs can have phantom power via an internal jumper.
A two step priority system is standard: MIC1 can have voice activated priority (VOX) that mutes all other inputs. This VOX mute can be switched off via an internal jumper. The contact closure (via DIN5 on MIC1 or Euroblock on MIC1-2) will activate the chime and will mute input 3 (MIC3/LINE3) and 4.
The pre-amp out, power-amp input allows you to insert extra signal processors or to link the signal to other power amplifiers.
Further the MA35 is equipped with a bass - treble tone control, a record output and limiter circuit on the output to avoid clipping.
MA35 can operate with a 12V and 230V power supply. The amplifier has been build into a compact and sturdy metal housing. A 19” mounting bracket (Ref: MA35-19) is available as an option for rack mounting.
Input : MIC1 (Front / Rear) Bal. Jack / Bal XLR - DIN5 (1mV)
Input : MIC2 Bal. Jack - XLR (1mV)
Input : MIC3/LINE3 Bal. Jack - XLR (1mV) / RCA Cinch (300 mV)
Input : LINE4 RCA Cinch (300 mV)
Input : Power amp in RCA Cinch (1V)
Output Power RMS Rated 35 watt
Output Power RMS Music Program 40 watt
Speaker outputs 8 Ohm, 70 - 100 Volt (Euroblock)
Pre amp out RCA Cinch (1V)
Record out RCA Cinch (350 mV)
Chime Yes (ding-dong) via contact closure (Euroblock)
Priority system 2-step priority mute system (VOX / contact closure)
Limiter Dynamic-slow @ -3 dB, defeatable via internal jumper.
Frequency Range 60 Hz - 18 kHz
S/N Ratio -67dB (mic open), -77dB (all at zero)
Distortion < 0.5%
Power supply 12V DC (Euroblock)- 230V AC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88 x 272 x 286 mm
Weight 5 Kg