The RTI Group has expanded the range of equipment with new systems of automatic weighing and labeling

The RTI Group presents new high-tech equipment for automatic weighing and labeling. The Spanish company Dibal is a developer and manufacturer of weighing equipment and conveyor systems with broad functionality. Dibal's equipment is a true example of European quality. Dibal’s original design, allowed the company to enter the top three European suppliers. Automated systems allow quickly and effectively weigh goods, stick labels, transport products to another conveyor and distribute them. The system of dynamic weighing is capable of measuring the mass of the product as it moves along the conveyor. Solutions for automatic weighing and labeling can be applied in the food industry and in big supermarkets.

Thanks to such equipment the organization will be able to reduce staff, optimize and improve the performance. Complex solutions Dibal have a wide range of opportunities; the system can be modified to the needs of each enterprise. Among the possibilities of the Dibal equipment there are such as the ability to fix labels on non flat surfaces. The labeling systems are able to easily apply the marking even on the package with lettuce. The system is able to perform up to 75 cycles of weighing and labeling in a minute. The structure is made of stainless steel and can easily withstand intensive loading. Under condition of service maintenance, automated systems are able to work for many years. If you are interested in automation of the enterprise process, stick to a modern style of work and corresponding earnings - Dibal equipment is the best choice.