Other weighing equipment

TP Series pallet truck

Capacity / Accuracy 2.000 kg - 1 kg.   Display Backlight LCD, 5 1/2 digit of 52 mm.   Loadcells 4   Functions Automatic zero tracking, weight conversion (kg / lb), pre-tare, gross/net weight and accumulation.   Supply Rechargeable battery.      

Cely DR Series crane scales

Capacity / Accuracy 300 kg / 50 g , 600 kg / 100 g. Display Double LDC backlight display (frontal/back), 5 digits 25 mm high. Functions Zero, tare, unit conversion (kg/lb), hold, auto-off. Structure Robust ABS housing. Power Mains and rechargeable battery…

Cely BH Series crane scales

Capacity / Accuracy BH-2: 2.000 kg / 1 kg.  BH-5: 5.000 kg / 2 kg. Display LED 1,2" Functions Zero, weight conversion (kg / lb), auto-off, hold display reading, divisions change. Power Mains or internal rechargeable battery (up to 60 hours, depending on…

AG1 and AI2 Series aerial scales

General characteristics: AG1: Aerial scale with 1 loadcell.  AI2: Aerial scale with 2 loadcells.   Construction: Painted iron or stainless steel structure.  Steel or stainless steel load cells.   Capacity: 150, 300, 600 kg.