PREH MCI 84 Keyboards

Producer: PrehKeyTec

The compact MCI PREH MCI 84 Keyboards are cashdesk keyboards for the point of sale. They require little space, are extremely reliable and user-friendly and excel by ergonomic handling and modular flexibility.



  • 30 fully programmable key positions (7 x 12)
  • Key exchange technique
  • Single, double and multiple keys



  • More than 30 million keystrokes for each position
  • Front of keypad is protected against dust and splashing water
  • Single and multiple keys with equal actuating force



  • 3 track magnetic stripe reader
  • Glidepad
  • 5 position keylock with 3 keys
  • Colored keys
  • Customized labelling of keys
  • OPOS and Java POS drivers



Layout Numeric layout (7 x 12) with 84 free programmable key positions
Design Modular design requiring minimum space
Keyboard Lights 4 status LEDs
Software Used Menu-driven programmer software
Compatability DOS, Linux and Windows compatibility
Connections Available Ps/2 & Usb
Dimensions Size: 245 mm x 203,5 mm (W x D)